The Spamalot: ITx6 Rotation

21 05 2009

I recently espoused a newer Frost rotation, replacing the use of Obliterate on Death Runes with IT to increase RP generation. The next step, after the viability of using IT instead of Obliterate is confirmed (as it has been, both for me and EJ posters), is to start using this rotation, which generates even more RP but runs with only one disease. Here it is (also Unholy Presence):

IT – BS – OB – FS – BT – IT – FS – OB – BS / IT x6 (weave FS to avoid capping RP/take advantage of KM procs if you’re quick)

Watch this video. It explains it much better than I ever could. This is a much simpler rotation to manage in Unholy Presence, which can be quite intimidating especially if running two diseases. It uses this spec (it’s up to you whether you want to replace 3 points of Dark Conviction with 3 points in Virulence). My advice to anyone planning to DPS in UP is to practice on dummies for a good 10 minutes with every new rotation you’re picking up. Unlike Blood Presence, you don’t have a generous 1.5s GCD between every ability. Nevertheless, this rotation is easier to manage to to half the rotation being one spell and not having to worry about Blood Plague.

Not what Blizzard intended

This rotation was the best for Frost pre-3.1 (DW aside). It was then nerfed into what we thought was oblivion, and set aside to make way for the HB glyph, until they nerfed t7.5 and messed that rotation up. The interesting thing about Frost is that it is more subject to the changes that Blizzard is making. Consider Blood/Unholy rotations, which really have not changed for quite a while. Both use 2-disease rotations that are fairly simple (Unholy more so) to learn and memorize. Since the “spamalot” rotation essentially spams a spell that Blizzard appears to dislike the spam/abuse of, something will most likely get nerfed/changed.

I think it’s probably much harder to balance Frost compared to the other two specs given that FS is an RP ability and it’s our strongest attack. You only have to look at the t8.5 set bonus, which affects only Obliterate for Frost, an ability that makes up anywhere from 10-20% of a Frost DK’s damage to realise that we are confusing Blizzard. One of my guildmates suggested that the t8 bonuses were a way to stealth nerf DKs, by way of not giving them any significant increase to DPS from the set. I can’t say I fully disagree, even though the thought leaves a bad taste in my mouth and renewed frustration with badly itemized plate.




2 responses

21 05 2009
Typhoon Andrew

Seems like a good little side affect of a nurf, and I’d expect an adjustment if too many folks start doing this. Blizzard didn’t seem to like dual-wield topping the charts too much either.

The t7/7.5 RP nurf was misguided at this stage in the content imho, but everyone keeps telling me that DKs are still too powerful, so I should not apply common sense and stats, and just accept it. /sarcasm.

21 05 2009

Well… the reasoning behind nerfing t7 made sense: to make people want to upgrade to t8. The problem is that the t8 bonuses are still pretty terrible and nerfing t7 didn’t fix the problem.

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