Should 10-Mans Be Easier?

10 06 2009

In Wrath, 10-mans are definitely easier than 25-mans. Not solely because you only have to get 10 people to learn all the fights, but in general the fights are just tuned to a lesser difficulty. For an anecdotal example, my guild recently killed Vezax on normal difficulty with a ranged DPS and a healer down, leaving one Paladin healer, a Balance Druid and enough melee DPS to cover interrupts. We had very little trouble, aside from the fact that Vezax started aiming Shadow Crashes and Marks of the Faceless at melee. In 25-man, minus half of the ranged DPS and half of the heals, most encounters would be impossible or at least very difficult.

As a result of the difference in difficulty between normal and heroic leaves me kind of confused. Blizzard has said that they want two separate progression paths, one that goes from heroics to 10-man Naxx to 10-man Ulduar (and presumably 10-man whatever comes next). And another that goes from heroics to 10-man Naxx to 25-man Naxx to 25-man Ulduar. If this is so, why are 10-mans easier? In BC this wasn’t the case. ZA was as hard or harder than Gruul and Magtheridon.

Zul'Aman Gates

I, for one, love 10-mans. I find that they often draw out the people in a guild (that regularly does 25-man raiding) who really enjoy raiding and know their class particularly well. They also tend to be the more social players, from my experience. So I’d like Blizzard to give 10-mans a little bit more love, rather than making them toned down versions of the heroic instances. It’s hard to tell what exactly Blizzard’s plan is with 10-mans, whether they want to make them easier or equal difficulty. I think they managed this in vanilla, where Zul’Gurub was almost more difficult in certain places than Molten Core, the introductory 40-man.

So mostly I’m just confused. I enjoy doing 10-man Ulduar, hard modes or otherwise, but I’d like it to be clearer what role exactly the 10-mans play in the big picture of raiding.




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10 06 2009

I suppose the hard modes are there for when you want a challenge, but they want to make all ‘normal’ raid content fairly accessible.

I would have preferred a more challenging instance alltogether like ZA, but then that is content that some players will never see and I suppose Blizzard wants to avoid this as much as possible.

I guess it’s a nice compromise between “raiding for everyone” and the old Naxx debacle, but still …

10 06 2009

The problem I see with hard modes is that for one, not all bosses have them. This means that as we get further and further into Ulduar, we’ll lose all interest in certain bosses (namely Ignis, Auriaya, and Razorscale). In addition, some hard modes are extremely unexciting and barely change the mechanics of the fight (if at all, such as Hodir’s).

I don’t necessarily need more challenging content, because I think the hard modes are a very good difficulty, but I want variety. If they have to give me a 10-man Troll raid to accomplish that, so be it. It’s called the spice of life for a reason!

10 06 2009

You might look at it from a different perspective:
It only takes one mistake to take out 50% of your healing in a 10 man instance where it would mean only 1/7th of your healing in a 25 if a healer goes down.
Sarth +3 Drakes was considered tougher in the 10 man version than in the 25 for a reason.
Just a thought…

13 06 2009

My take on the 10 man difficulty is a little different.

My Guild (Reviction of Stormscale), almost exclusively does 25 man Ulduar as a Guild. We do ten mans on weekends that are a free-for-all sign up for whomever is on. Since our main focus is on 25 mans, we are mostly 25 man geared. Taking that into account, yes, the 10 man version is much easier for most of us in Reviction. Often times, in one 4 hour raid we will get all the way to Yogg or at least General and then focus the rest of the weekend on Yogg (still working on that big jellyfish in both 10 and 25 mans).

We generally use the 10 mans as an opportunity to better learn the fights and try new strategies.

But over all, I feel it is easier because we are over geared for 10 man Ulduar due to our relentless assaults on 25 man Ulduar to include the Hard Modes.

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