Bloody Blood Blooding

7 07 2009

For the first time in a while, I tried out a Blood spec. My gear isn’t optimal for it – I only have about 188 ArPen and with Grim Toll I’m over the hit cap by a bit – but my DPS was pretty solid, definitely competitive with my usual Frost spec. For one, it was a lot more dynamic than I thought Blood was.

Another thing I noticed was how much I really wanted the changes they’re making to both Death Rune mechanics and DRW. Unlike the ITx6, I can’t spam rune abilities to make sure my rune pairs don’t get messed up. So when I end up with 4 Death Runes refreshing quickly, I’m going to get my Unholy runes refreshing in a pair and my Frost runes doing the same. Solving this problem will make the Blood rotation much, much simpler. The strange mechanics of DRW and Gargoyle in Unholy are also a stumbling block for both specs, and I’m glad Blizzard is simplifying them.

I actually wanted ArPen

One of the best things about being Blood, even just for a night, was actually appreciating the ArPen on my gear. So I really hope Blizzard can fix ArPen for Unholy and Blood.


The worst part about doing well as Blood was the lack of nerfs incoming for the spec. If I can do on-par DPS compared to my Frost spec, why is Frost Strike getting a 10% nerf in damage, which will mean at least a 5% decrease in my overall damage as Frost (because FS is usually ~50% of damage on a given fight). Why is Scourge Strike getting a big nerf, when Blood does equal damage as it in PvE?

With these changes, and the buffs to disease damage, as well as the simplification of some mechanics, it seems like Blood might be head and shoulders above the other specs once 3.2 hits. I hope my guild gets an Enhancement Shaman soon so that I can test it out more in 25-mans.

N.B. If you want to know anything about Blood DPS, read this thread.




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8 07 2009
Typhoon Andrew

I don’t think they’re done with us DKs by half. The ArmPen seems to be a constant that they want on all plate dps gear, so shoe-horning Unholy into it will happen. Just a matter of how/when imho.

On a positive I’ll try out 2W rather than 2H in raids and see if that has legs. Certainly not staying Unholy without serious consideration to other builds, now that Ub will not be an aoe affect.

9 07 2009

For the past 2 patches I have been Blood Spec mostly (51/20 Diseaseless and now 51/20 Disease) and I really like it. Prior to the DW nerf, I played 32/39 DW build and loved the fast numbers on that build, but I really like the HUGE numbers I throw with 51/20 now.

With that said, that is my main spec I raid with. I also test out the different DPS builds for my guild a lot to help the other DKs out that may not have the time/energy to devote to it. I really like the 0/10/61 build and feel it is one of the top DPS builds for some encounters. Stars, the guild that got the Yogg+0 achievement the other day, had their DK as #1 on the meters as that build. But I have to agree with you that ArP is useless for both Frost and Unholy, but is like crack for a Blood DK.

More than likely, the nerfs to Frost and Unholy are PvP related. I run 0/17/54 for Arenas and I and my partner can /faceroll most comp in 2s. IN MY OPINION, most DK nerfs are a result of PvP QQers and OPedness in PvP.

I really hope that DWing becomes viable in 3.2. I won’t be testing it this time, we have a DK that has some of the best 1hers from Ulduar atm just for 3.2, but if it is viable, I may switch to it becuase I really enjoyed it before.

But I have to admit, I tried out the ITx6 twice now, back when 32/39 was viable and again recently, and I didn’t like it, felt too fixed and didn’t allow for errors. 51/20 you can mess up all day and just restart your rotation with no problems. But I will hugely agree that the DR fix will definitely make life easier, because it does suck when you have two of the same rune refresh when you are trying to start over and have to wait a few seconds for that specific rune to pop up.

9 07 2009

I found that using the ITx6 spec I had plenty of room for error. Since you use so many abilities over the course of a fight, a few lost KM procs or a messed up rotation won’t really hurt that much. It’s one of the least fixed specs, at least that’s what I found. It took me a long time to get into it though. When I first started using it I got confused and screwed up my rotation a lot, but after a while it becomes sort of like second nature. I think Blood and ITx6 do fairly comparable damage, but what I like about ITx6 is that the cooldown is much easier to manage. Unbreakable Armor on a 2min CD is simpler than DRW/Hysteria on 1.5min/3min CDs, and you have to time it with procs better.

I’m more looking forward to the DRW change than the DR change. DRW is so unwieldy to use, having to save up 100 RP and wait for a good time to use it, ugh. I look forward to it just costing 60 RP.

As for Unholy, I always found the rotation to be too boring, so I haven’t specced that way since levelling. I do miss 32/39 though, I think that was one of the most fun specs out there.

10 07 2009

I will have to look at ITx6 again and maybe give it a go again, and this time a longer go to learn the rotation….lol. But idk, I love 51/20 so much and probably will stick with that. It just sucks that you can’t use Oblit with it, especially now that I picked up my 4 pc bonus last night. i think with the 4pc bonus, Oblit hits a lot harder than DS does, but you can’t afford to lose you diseases with 4pc. Idk, I may look into a way to spec into Annihilation without gimping my DPS.

I think come 3.2 I am going to drop DRW and pick up UB. I have never counted, nor plan to count how many DCs I use in a 1.5m span, but I estimate that it takes me 20 secs to get thru a full Blood rotation (IT-PS-HS-HS-DS-DS-DC-HS-HS-HS-HS-HS-HS-DC-DC) so that means I will roughly 12-15 DCs during that 90 sec span, it would keep that DoT up indefinately. Whereas all the damage done for 15-20 seconds of DRW is cut by 50%. Napkin math says that the new UB is going to be worth more than DRW (as seen on EJ and Tankspot).

But I wish I could do the old 32/39 again also. I am sure it was nerfed because of PvP also. You could equip fast/fast and just keep casters locked up forever, felt like being a plate wearing Rogue. Before they did all of the Resilience changes to item sets, and when Res wasn’t that important in S5, I farted around with stacking Haste for PvP and got my times down into 0.8 secs and would rape casters. Granted, I didn’t hit hard, but when you are swinging that much, you wear them down quick.

10 07 2009

I don’t think UB will outperform DRW. It’s easier to use, definitely – no timing required. But it has burst damage, whereas UB doesn’t, and burst is one of the strong aspects of Blood in PvE. If UB does become more DPS than DRW, I have a feeling it will get nerfed and DRW buffed. I’m not certain of the numbers for Obliterate vs. Death Strike, but I don’t think there’s any talent spec that would get more DPS out of going into Annihilation, simply because of the wasted points in early Frost, where Unholy has stuff like Necrosis, Epidemic, etc.

Using Obliterate would also make the rotation more complex, since you’d have to keep diseases up for everything but Death Coil. Also, I am not sure it really matters whether you keep the dot going or let it fall off and then reapply. From what I’ve read, it simply does a % of the DC’s damage, like Necrosis for autoattacks, and so whether or not the dot runs out or is refreshed shouldn’t change the damage done.

16 07 2009

I think the idea at Blizz HQ is that they are compensating for the SS and FS nerfs by buffing Blood Strike for those specs. This is also supposed to make ArPen more desirable for them. The effectiveness of this remains to be seen.

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