When You’re Not Raiding…

9 07 2009

Right now, I like raiding. Trying out a new spec has been fun and challenging, and I have to say I get great pleasure in topping the DPS charts. Unfortunately, when it’s not raid time, and my Argent Tournament dailies are finished for the day, I really don’t have anything I want to accomplish in WoW. I can level my Warrior alt (lvl 47 at the moment), but when I get alts to 80 they simply sit in Dalaran doing nothing. I don’t need gold – I’ve got around 13k and nothing really to do with it – or mats for gear. I have two PvE specs at the moment (Frost and Blood DPS) so attempting to do PvP means swapping glyphs and talent specs a whole lot more than I want to.

So now I find myself browsing WoW-related sites, blogs and forums in my free time rather than playing. Blogging helps a great deal, giving me a WoW-outlet when I’m not raiding. But aside from this, there are few solutions I can think of to make me want to play more. I could apply to a guild that raids more often, but that’s always a ton of work and I would dearly miss the great people in my current guild. I could simply give up playing outside of raids.

That guy who only shows up for raids...is he really there?

That guy who only shows up for raids...is he really there?

What worries me about this feeling I’ve been having is not just that the current content (excluding raids) is unsatisfying, but that I don’t know what content could be added to heighten my enjoyment of the non-raid aspects of WoW.  What does the new patch have? More dailies, things to buy from Champion’s Seals, a new raid and a new 5-man. I look forward to the new raid/instance content, but the rest of it is trivial. I’m not a collector of pets, mounts, or tabards. Flavour items don’t interest me much. So it’s not so much that the patch notes for 3.2 disappoint me because they lack things I would enjoy, but rather that I really have no idea what Blizzard could implement to make non-raid content appealing.

I wonder if I am simply bored of WoW (or the whole MMORPG thing in general) and will soon quit, or if there’s something out there that could re-pique my interest.




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10 07 2009

I think this is now the big problem with Warcraft. Its a game, where you make it want you want to but does it really have enough to keep you playing? Sure, they can add new content, BGs, items, dailies whatever but is any of it really anything new? I’m a slow Warcraft player, I’ve never raided at the level of MC/BWL, BT/Sunwell or Ulduar, but I do enjoyable just doing the 5 mans (when I can get a group lol). The problem with Warcraft, is that the new things are nothing new. I’m looking at Aion and got really excited when I saw a few videos on it. Then I looked at the class and just though “Oh, wait, theres Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Priest.” The same old classes and nothing new which is bitterly disappointing. I’m still going to try it out because Warcraft for me is more a social thing now and since I’m guildless I actually did up feeling despressed when playing. Warcraft is an amazing game, you could spend your life playing it, but you’ll always be killing boars in the end.

14 07 2009

Nuuuuuu don’t leave us. 😦 Hopefully your vacation will refresh you! Missed having you for Yogg tonight.

14 07 2009

I won’t be quitting anytime soon, unless school makes me insanely too busy to raid. I will also probably have to run heroics and whatnot post-3.2 for triumph emblems.

Also, I didn’t know you read my blog. O.o Did you listen to the podcast?


29 07 2009

There are other games!

Some of them are even fun!

I am finding myself feeling the same lately. I love my raids, and I do my JC daily, but aside from that I really do not care much. I’ve never liked questing, I have always been in favor of seeing (and conquering) all available content.

Nowadays when it’s not raid time, I play DotA and am beta testing the DotA remake called Heroes of Newerth from Savage games. It’s awesome fun and a nice change from wow.

29 07 2009

I too have been playing DotA and Heroes of Newerth! I have a post coming up about DotA as well, interesting coincidence. 😀

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