Tracking Cooldowns With Power Auras

17 07 2009

A guildie of mine was having issues configuring Power Auras to show a timer that counted down to a cooldown coming back up. Since I’m semi-on-vacation and haven’t had time to write up a real post, I figured I’d just post this since it might be helpful.


Step 1: Select “Action Usable” from the dropdown menu and type the name of the cooldown you want to track into the box.

Step 2: Check “Show when not active” (if you only want to see whatever graphic you’ve selected when the cooldown is available, do not check this option)


Step 3: Click on the “Timer” menu. Check “show.”


Step 4: Watch the nice pretty graphics/timer go!

P.S. The nameplate mod in the screenshot is Aloft and to the left in the 3rd screenshot is my Mage’s timer addon, Scorchio2. If you have questions about any other mods you’ve seen me use or even about any other mods, don’t hesitate to ask.




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17 07 2009

Power Auras can do so much but people never use it to its full extent. This link is a good example of what you can achieve:

17 07 2009

I recently started using it more on my DK (used to use it just to track Frost Presence) and it’s been quite helpful. Kickass addon.

18 07 2009

I have been using the addon for months on several of my characters, but I recently downloaded a CPU measuring addon (not memory measuring like many others) and I was pretty shocked to see it taking up over 30% of my total addon CPU. Not sure if this actually has any impact on my WoW performance, but I switched to Need2Know just to be sure, which has pretty much the same functionality for me except it shows spell icons instead of the fancy art that PowerAuras has.

20 07 2009

I’m using Power Auras along with Quartz (and many other addons, but that’s not my point).

The problem is that Quartz seems to fail on registering GCD after some actions/spells/whatever.
On my DK it’s the pain to make an aura to show GCD since all the actions depends on one or more of three limits:
– Rune
– Runic power
– Cooldown

So tracking cooldowns, yes… tracking GCD on DKs, dunno (aka I couldn’t find).

22 11 2011
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This post couldn’t be more right..

7 12 2011

What an all round amazingly written blog post!!

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