FPS Issues

22 07 2009

Recently I’ve had serious FPS troubles in WoW. Basically what happened is that I went from getting around 30 FPS in Dalaran/raids to getting 1-10, which is the same as what I had on my 5-year old laptop that sucked horribly. I posted on the tech support forum and have had no luck with that so far, so I figured asking here can’t hurt. Here’s my topic on the tech support forums (where, I might add, blues respond to people asking “WHAR IS PATCH 3.2 WHEN IS IT OUT?!?!” but not to me). There’s a dxdiag on page 2 somewhere, so if you are somewhat comptuer savvy, I would appreciate any advice you might have. Thanks.

Sorry for lack of posting again, still on vacation. Back to more updates soon.

I figured out what the problem was (though I have no permanent solution atm) – namely that my computer stopped recognizing my ATI Radeon 3400 graphics card and switched to the integrated Intel shit, which made my computer not like running games. The reformat brought the ATI card back online, and everything is running semi-smoothly again.




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22 07 2009

I have never no idea from a hardware type point of view but how about running CCleaner or maybe installing a few addons to help: DynPerf and Leatrix Latency Fix? Hope this helps and I wish I was on holiday, you doing anything interesting or just R&R?

22 07 2009

Could you be more specific about what CCleaner or those addons do? 😀

I’m visiting my brother in Chicago. It’s been nice to get away for a while – haven’t raided in a long time. Also haven’t been playing WoW, but that’s largely due to the crappy FPS I’ve been having.

22 07 2009

CCleaner basically cleans the crap outta your computer like you know how on Mozilla you get the Clean Private Data which wipes history etc? It basically does that for Windows. It can also fix issues with your registry that you might not even know about. Little story: I had a computer for 4 years, ran the program and had 478 problem with my registry, yep hehe.

The addons, well DynPerf changes the video setting to how well you system is performing at that time so it basically runs Wow to how you computer feels. I think this would be better for you as you are experience FPS issues and not latency issues like the second addon is for, well best way to descibe the benefits is to C&P a heading:

“Leatrix Latency Fix will reduce your World of Warcraft latency significantly by increasing the frequency of TCP acknowledgments sent to the game server.

The average reduction in latency (based on feedback from comments) is 66%.”

Its kinda complicated to complain in a comment but well worth a look at.

AND FINALLY! I saw your comment on Skeleton Jacks site. (Shopx3) + SJ + PODCAST! = [EPIDK]

LET IT BE MY BROTHER! Long comment or what?

22 07 2009

If you’re using a Nvidia video card you simply need to update your driver. Also, try FasterPing if you’re also having lag issues.

If nothing else, format :/

22 07 2009

I don’t have an Nvidia card or latency, but thanks anyways. I am going to reformat as soon as I get home from vacation.

22 07 2009

Maybe something as simple as a defrag or maybe a Systems Restore? It might help but I’m just clutching at straws here. With the system you have, this shouldn’t be happening so I’m kinda stomped, sorry bud.

23 07 2009

I’m planning a reformat as soon as I get home from vacation. On the upside, I actually managed to raid tonight and it wasn’t toooo terrible. Regardless, I hope reformatting will solve the issue. Thanks for the advice guys. 🙂

23 07 2009

Several things to take into account before just format/re-install.

First, which OS? How long has it been since you last reloaded the OS?

What Video card? Do you have the latest drivers for it?

Have you deleted all TEMP files and Temporary Internet Files? 2 different things.

Do you have Windows Desktop Search installed?

Have you checked for Viruses/Malware?

How much Hard Drive space is available?

How are the video effects set in WoW? Custom, Ultimate?

And, what type of Internet connection do you have, if it is broadband, have you run any Speed Tests recently to make sure you are getting close to what you are paying for?

Drop me a line if you have any questions or need a hand, this is the stuff I do for my job.

23 07 2009

If you are reinstalling, and you have vista on there, consider windows 7, either the RC, or if you can get it, the final version. All the tests that Ive seen indicate a significant FPS increase with Windows 7 over vista.

CCleaner is phenomenal, and you might want to look into turning off volume shadow copy. It will make your system less recoverable incase of a failure.

Other things to consider, have you used up more disk space recently? Hard disks perform significantly worse when they are at about 80-90% of space used or more (not sure why).

Try searching lenovo’s site for updated graphics drivers. Also check their forums to see if there are any bugs or updates for power save mode, I’ve had laptops end up thinking that they were on battery, and downgrading the cpu speed to compensate, even when they were plugged in.

Can you think of anything else that happened around that time? Any windows updates? Any wow updates? Any new software installed?

23 07 2009

@Kryphus: Vista 32-bit business. I just bought the laptop about a month ago so it hasn’t been reloaded at all. I’ve been through all the other options, updating drivers, cleaning out my hard drive (still about 125 gigs or so open) and done some virus/spyware scanning. It’s not an internet problem, because then I’d be getting latency not FPS drops.

@Sarlalian: I’ll think about getting Windows 7, but I’ve also heard some horror stories about random bugs and I am wary about using an OS that’s not quite ready yet. Is the final version commercially available already? Even if it is, I’d probably just stick with Vista because buying a new OS is unnecessary and expensive. Drivers are up to date, I’m pretty sure. My laptop is also on the Maximum Performance battery setting since it’s plugged in a lot of the time, and can’t think of any new software/anything except for installing WC3/TFT which can’t really have had any effect.

27 07 2009

What Video card? – This could hurt FPS if it is a lower end card?

Do you have Windows Desktop Search installed? – This can and does cause a 15-20% hit on overall system performance, which will effect fps

How are the video effects set in WoW? Custom, Ultimate? – There are several settings in WoW that say they will lower FPS if set to max, I had to turn mine done from ultimate due to this, as my FPS got down to around 10, it sucked.

And, what type of Internet connection do you have, if it is broadband, have you run any Speed Tests recently to make sure you are getting close to what you are paying for?
@shopx3 It’s not an internet problem, because then I’d be getting latency not FPS drops.

In most cases I would agree, but I have been troubleshooting this myself recently on my own pc and have had to have my dsl circuit rebuilt, I am about to replace my 6+ year old dsl modem as I am only getting about 4 mbit/sec max on my 6mbit/sec connection.

When my speed was up around the max my fps was good(30+), but right now it is terrible, and I just did reload my windows vista ultimate and now have gone to Windows 7 RC. The final version of Windows 7 is shipping Oct 22 09

27 07 2009

Really all the information is in the post I linked to on the official forums that I made about the issue.

30 07 2009

WoW had started to lag to me for months, I used to have at last 15 in Dal and 25 man, and it turned to like 5. I didn’t know what to do and nobody did either so I delt with it, until I got a blue screen of death a few months later.
When I turned my computer back on, it asked me if I wanted to restore default settings, so I said yes and somehow it fixed my FPS back up.
No idea what happened but heh. 😦

25 09 2009

I went from having 80 to 140 fps with my newly build computer.
Ran perfectly until the new 3.2.2 patch came out and now im getting 23 fps
everything is up to date and several antivirus have been run. I’m at 90ms latency so that is not the problem either. If everything seems to be fine with the computer it has been reported by Blizzard that add ons can cause this to happen, especially cartographer, and especially after a patch.
I recommend that you take the add ons off and put them on one by one to try and isolate which one is causing this to happen.

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