Bitterness, Take 2

23 07 2009

I saw this post on MMO-Champion yesterday and to be honest it made me die a little inside. As you may know, the Glory of the Ulduar Raider (normal and heroic) reward Proto Drakes are not going the way of their predecessors come 3.2. While I don’t like it when Blizzard flipflops around on their policies, I have to support this change. I posted about a different kind of bitterness earlier, about the mount changes, and this is a pretty similar thing, except, in my opinion, for less reasonable reasons.

The bitterness over the Proto Drakes comes from people wanting their special item to be rare, whereas the hubbub over mounts and epic flying came from how much gold one had to spend on the stuff. Personally, when I see a fancy mount that I want, generally it’s because I think it’s prettier than my current mount and also adds some variety to what flying mount I want to use. How many other people have the mount rarely comes into play when I decide to work on a mount. I want the Glory of the Ulduar Raider achievement because it’s a symbol of mine and my guild’s hard work, not because very few others have it. I wish people would suck it up and not be so damn silly.

My progress in the meta-achievement

My progress in the meta-achievement




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23 07 2009

For me, its just top guilds going QQ about the game not being made for them anymore and making them feel special. It never was and never will be. There will be other mounts and other loot but it’ll still be the same “gief hardcore only wow.” stinking attitude.

23 07 2009

My guild and I were SO RELIEVED by this announcement. We’ve been aiming for the drake, and only have 4 hard modes left to get it, but raiding in the summer has been a struggle, along with RL issues and the challenges of running a 10-man guild with only 10-12 raiders at a time. Recruiting hasn’t been going well. So having extra time to take our vacations and everything, rather than pushing people to burnout to get those last few hard modes this month, is so great.

And anyone who is bitter about too many other people getting the mount: I hear you, in theory. But the problems with that are:

1) Almost no one has the mounts. I’m cool with the mount being rare, but only TWO 10-man US guilds have the rusted proto, and only .37% (that’s a third of 1 percent) of all 25-man guilds have the ironbound. 20 times that many people could get it, and it would still be super-rare!

2) Summer. Raiding is a struggle for everyone.

3) The Naxx drakes were achieveable for over 6 months, and frankly Naxx was easier than Ulduar. The Uld drakes have been in game for 3 months at best.

4) Lots of really really good raiding groups that DO deserve the drakes haven’t gotten them yet. There is no way that a group of scrubs is doing Firefighter, even in Icecrown tier 10.5. They could leave them in the game until the next xpac and they’d still be rare. So don’t worry about it, you’re not going to see everyone on the server on a rusted. Hell, how many do you even see on a red from the glory of the hero? Small percentage, and everyone outgears heroics. You’re more likely to see half the scrubs on your server riding 310% speed mounts from Long Strange Trip than you are to see even 1% of your server on an Uld drake, or even a heroic drake.

So in summary, those who are bitter should save it for when there’s actually something to be bitter about. 🙂

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