[SPOILERS] Initial Reactions to Cataclysm

22 08 2009

Keep in mind this post contains spoilers for the new expansion, so if you’re not into that sort of thing you should stop reading now.

That said, I thought I’d share my reactions to a few things that’ve come out.

Armor Penetration removed completely, Haste changed to increase rune refresh rates (no longer melee speed), no more AP on gear

These are the major stat changes that are going to affect Death Knights. For one, gear selection will now be limited to strength gear (with the exception of Reforging, which you can learn more about here) since Agility gear won’t have any AP to make up for lost Strength. This means itemization will have to be better spread out to accomodate DKs (we’ll need 1-handers with Str) and definitely other off-pieces with it as well.

Another side effect of this change is that there will be more competition between plate-DPS classes – no longer will some classes refuse gear because it has ArPen or any other stat.

As to the Haste change, well, this one is the most problematic. Unlike casters, who have long 3-second or higher cast times to reduce with Haste, or Warriors who have rage dumps, DKs only have so many GCDs available. If Haste significantly affects the rune refresh rate, how will we (specifically Blood and Frost DKs, who have very few open GCDs) take advantage of it? Obviously it’s very early Cataclysm’s lifetime, so hopefully this is addressed or we’ll all end up in Unholy Presence.

I think the best part (and probably the most intended aspect) of the Haste change is that it will now be a valuable stat for tanks. Unlike the current incarnation, which just gives the boss more chances to parry your swings, the new Haste will be invaluable for most tanks. Since tanks are often using runes for things like DnD and defensive cooldowns more so than DPSers, faster rune refresh rates could be very helpful.

Worgen. Humans turning into wolves. AND THEY CAN BE DEATH KNIGHTS.

I’ll most likely be rerolling a Worgen DK as soon as the expansion hits. I’m really glad I’m Alliance, though, because Goblins are ugly.

As to the rest of the changes made to the world and new zones, I’m REALLY excited about it all. I remember the months before WotLK when all that information was filtering out, and frankly I am far more interested in Cataclysm. Not only is the raid content more interesting (Arthas has been something of a lame duck for most of this expansion, after the initial shock of seeing him pop up in various quest lines), but a revamp of old Azeroth was 100% necessary.

The old content was fine when WoW started out, but since then questing has been made (barring poop quests) just plain better. So admitting that, and doing something about it, is a nice acknowledgement that Blizzard cares about both old and new content. Making levelling better makes the game better as a whole. Much time is spent levelling, whether you’re on your first character or your seventh.

On a side note…

I’m in the market for a new mouse. Wired or wireless, somewhere between 40-50$. I also need a new (preferably a really good one) VGA cable to connect a laptop to an external monitor. Mine is crappy and has some issues. So if anyone out there is fairly tech savvy and has some tips, I’d appreciate it. Any thoughts on this mouse?




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22 08 2009

I am so excited about this exspansion, more so than I ever was with both TBC and LK. The stat changes sound good but we’ll see what holds in store for us at the Class Panel.

I have an logitech G9 mouse thats been out for a while which is uber cheap now and has lots of great features. One thing I’ll say is, don’t get a Razer mouse, I’ve had 2 and they both broke with in 6 months of regular gaming.

22 08 2009

Everywhere I see the Logitech g9 mouse it’s like, 100-120 dollars, which is way more than I want to spend on a mouse. O.o

22 08 2009

They have other options for what Haste does. Basically, Blizzard are throwing out Armor Penetration and Haste (as we know it) which were created to have basically the same basic effects for everyone who uses them.

What I think was hinted at in they are replacing them with new general ratings called Haste and Mastery. Mastery was stated as “generally improving whatever it is we do” (paraphrasing). I understood Haste to be MP5 for everyone who _doesn’t_ use mana. Reducing our Rune cooldowns is definitely something interesting that they can do with Haste for DKs, but I think as development gets further along we’ll likely see it effect Runic Power entirely, or some combination of Runic Power and Runes.

Mastery and Haste in 4.0 will be (as I understand it) general attributes on our gear that everyone will want (although no mana-users will want Haste, of course). However, the precise effects of these will probably later be revealed to have slightly (or completely) different effects depending on your class.

This is just stuff I took from the live Internet stream, which obviously is only half of what was actually presented this weekend. And they didn’t broadcast the Systems Panel which probably would have made their vision for these attributes much more clear.

22 08 2009

The systems panel is going on now, I’m keeping up with WoW.com’s liveblog of it, which is pretty helpful. Also, as I read it casters would want Haste because it still increases casting speed, but I could be mistaken.

I’m interested in what Mastery will be – hopefully a simple, fun and useful stat.

23 08 2009

LOL in the UK you could buy it for like 20 quid which is like 35 dollars?

Try using Google product finder.

24 08 2009
For The Pie

I have that mouse, it is awesome. I just wish it had two more programable buttons, then I could do what i want with it.

But it’s a very nice mouse, comfortable etc.

24 08 2009

Considering I ordered it yesterday, that’s comforting to hear. Thanks.

26 08 2009

Good mouse. I got one Razer Mamba… but still this logitech is good!

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