Glyph of Disease: Revolutions

31 08 2009

This post may or may not be the complete opposite of my earlier post that generated some rather passionate comments.



Since then, things have changed a bit, especially for Frost. The main reason is the discovery that, much like how Lifebloom worked in previous eras, you can pop trinkets and time with procs to get the most AP, apply new diseases, and refresh the boosted disease ad nauseam (unless the fight is such that you can’t help your diseases falling off).

For Frost DW (if you don’ t have to provide the haste buff), you also aren’t losing much by ditching the IT glyph, which was the major disadvantage of using Glyph of Disease in previous patches. Frost DW runs in Blood Presence, and with the IT glyph frequently has an abundance of unusable procs and RP. So by using GoD, you lose the functionality of overflowing RP (for IBF and AMS) and gain significantly better disease damage and more space in your rotation.

Using the glyph comes with a caveat, however. Many fights simply don’t allow it to be used effectively, both in Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader. Basically, the glyph won’t help you if you have to keep applying diseases the standard way with Icy Touch and Plague Strike. Some examples of bad fights for the GoD are Northrend Beasts, Twin Valkyries, Faction Champions, Yogg.. the list goes on.

If you have the liberty of having two DPS specs, having one DW Frost with GoD can be very beneficial especially for sit-and-DPS fights like Vezax. Right now my secondary DPS spec is DW Frost with Endless Winter for free interrupts that I use for Faction Champions and other interrupt fights. If you’re not an off-spec tank, don’t be afraid to use one general one and another very specialized one for certain situations. My primary spec is Blood, which is good at basically everything but interrupting, since losing 20 RP at crucial moments in your rotation is frustrating (due to the Death Strike glyph and the large amount of RP that DRW uses up).

P.S. There’s a new, updated thread for Unholy over at EJ which I encourage you to check out if you’re interested in that sort of thing.




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31 08 2009

Do you have any recommendations for starting weapons for DW Frost DPS? I have yet to see the H ToC mace drop, ever, and only have access to heroics and Naxx-10, pretty much. Well, Ulduar-10 too, I guess, but my primary role is tanking on my prot warrior and bringing the DK is a stretch. I have loved frost DPS ever since trying it, I love the dynamic play, but without decent weapons I don’t want to bother.

31 08 2009

Anything slow is good. Avoid fast weapons at all costs because weapon speed is a huge factor in Frost DW DPS. Good starting weapons are the mace from ToC-H and the slow mace you buy for Champion’s Seals from the Argent Tourney.

There’s a good sword, Torment of the Banished, I think, from Naxx-10, that’s 2.6 speed. If you don’t have any weapons at all, buy two of the rep swords from the Ebon Blade. The stats on weapons are much less important than the speed, so just get the slowest weapons you can find and go from there.

31 08 2009

I was in a similar boat and I started off dual wielding Reaper of Dark Souls, purchasable from the Ebon Blade. In fact, I still use it as my off-hand and only replaced the main hand when I got Razorscale Talon in Uld-10. Even with those blues I was doing good damage and even with the lower level weapons I’m using, I am still in the top 3 DPS in my guild. If the rest of your gear is decent, the weapons won’t make or break you to start off with.

31 08 2009

I’ve heard about a lot of people running this GoD spec, but given where I am personally at in the game with my current guild (still trying to progress in Uld), I haven’t seen where it’s a major increase for me over a “standard” 0/53/18. I also feel the same way about the Unbreakable Armor discussion. I stick to the keep-it-simple-stupid approach to prevent messing up and losing more DPS than I could potentially gain with UA or GoD. It seems like there are a lot of playstyle options in DW Frost, which I like a lot. 🙂

I still feel like a rogue in plate though, I really wish they’d make some more itemized DW weapons for DKs…

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