Faulty Thinking And The Armor Penetration Nerf

5 09 2009

In a recent blue post, Ghostcrawler stated that the ArPen nerf going live in 3.2.2 (on PTR now) was intentional. He claims the reason for this nerf is that people were focusing on ArPen at the expense of all other stats. So it needed to be nerfed to make sure that melee DPS and MM hunters wanted other stats.

Does anyone else see the faulty thinking involved? Ever since I hit 80, I’ve been gemming pretty much purely for Strength at the cost of socket bonuses and other stats. As it stands now, especially with the ArPen nerf, Strength eclipses Crit, Haste, and ArPen. So why are they nerfing ArPen as opposed to buffing Haste and Crit to make them valuable stats for DKs?

Instead of avoiding gear without ArPen, as GC stated was the case, I often find myself choosing gear with sockets and caring very little about the stats, be they Haste, Crit or ArPen. How is that any better? I’d prefer it if they were useful rather than simply stuff that isn’t Strength on gear. That’s what I like about my Mage – Crit and Haste are both valuable stats, which makes gearing choices a bit more interesting than simply taking whatever has the most Intellect, or whatever it might be.

The only gems that matter

The only gems that matter




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6 09 2009


I stack nothing but strength, but I do take all the ArPen gear I can get my hands on. I don’t think a 15% nerf is going to hurt that bad, especially when most DKs are hovering around the 40% mark. I completely ignore the extra 25% tht got buffed because it was getting to be a little too “brainy” to try and figure my actual ArPen rating since it isn’t shown in the tooltip.

I know our three MM Hunters are all up in a tizzy over this since they are stacking ArPen gems. As a Blood DK, ArPen affects 75%-80% of my attacks, so it is a worthwhile stat. However, I have found, and Krenian at Tankspot.com preaches this, that DKs should be stacking +str gems/enchants/etc because it also applies to our “spell power” which in turn applies to our diseases/special magical attacks (i.e. Death Coil).

I always went with this formula on stat priority:

Hit (263)>Exp (164)>Strength (infinite)>Armor Pen (only at greater than 20%)/Crit

But like I said, I try and get my stats from gear and then fill in the required number from gems/enchants. I didn’t start focusing on ArPen until I broke 20% naturally with just gear and then I started focusing on collecting the gear needed. But our Hunters on the other hand, have been gemming for it, so needless to say, they feel a bit of the nerf. I think over all, with raid buffs (IFF and Sunders) I am running into the 80% area of ArPen.

6 09 2009

I didn’t really mean that the nerf was extremely damaging to our DPS, just that the thinking behind it is silly. If it really is being nerfed so we focus on more stats than Just ArPen, well, that’s dumb. All we’re going to do is stack Strength at the cost of every other stat. :/

8 09 2009

Yes, I understood what you meant. It really is too bad that we are being nerfed because there are players out there that don’t know how to play our class and don’t research them. They see a smexy stat and just stack the crap out of it, not knowing, or caring, that they are hurting themselves and then make posts like “Why is my DPS so low?”/”Why you nerfing us?”/etc.

I think fundamentally it is a problem that Blizzard made with the crappy itemization they did on the gear that drops.

-How much +AP/+Hit gear do you see?

-Gear either has Haste and Crit/Hit/Exp or it has ArP and Crit/Hit on it. If I have to choose, I am taking ArP over Haste any day.

-The other problem is the math. I am no math wizard, but, the insane amounts that you have to stack to even get to 50% of whatever stat is ridiculous. With all of the Haste gear that drops, and invariably I took because it was somehow an upgrade, I was sitting at well over 400+ Haste and it only affected my weapon speed by .3 seconds. However ArP has a much more friendly coefficient, 84 ArP equates to around 7% Armor Ignore. (or something like that)

-My last point is is that Haste is worthless for us, IN MY OPINION AS A BLOOD DK. All my “spells” are instant cast, with the exception of AotD, so wtf do I need haste for, especially at the crappy stat coefficient? After all, it only affects my White Damage/Swings. Granted, that is a large part of my overall DPS (around 26% according to last night’s meters), but I would much rather stack a stat that improves my hard-hitting main attacks, .e. Heart Strike and Death Strike. Now once Cat hits, it may be better becuase haste is supposedly going to affect Rune Cool Downs, but until then, I will take my ArP with a side of Crit please.

My opinion on Blood DK stats in now way or form may be construed as 100% accurate, nor reflect the owner of this blog…..

9 09 2009
Randul the Dwarf

What is the breakdown of stat weights for DW Frost?

9 09 2009
23 09 2009
Tony Brown

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25 10 2009

how much ArP is recomeneded for a blood DK

25 10 2009


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