Revelation is Recruiting!

13 10 2009

I’m going to take advantage of all this traffic from, come to see the magic of the zeppelins, and plug my guild, which is currently recruiting. First of all, here’s a link to our recruitment thread, which has all the basic information you need to know about us. We are focused on progression but on a casual schedule. We raid 25-mans only 3 times a week and make the most out of that time. If you’re a very skilled player who just can’t dedicate 20 hours a week to raiding, we’re the guild for you.

With that done, I’ll turn this into a real post about recruiting. It’s difficult. It’s frustrating. It seems like whenever you browse the official guild recruitment forums the only LFGuild posts are from classes you’re full on. Have 5 mages? You’ll only see mages. So what can you do in this situation?

Make sure your recruitment thread/shpiel reflects your guild’s personality

Recently I’ve been working on an assignment for school developing a media kit for a magazine. A media kit is basically something you sent to potential advertisers to sell them on your magazine/product. Your recruitment thread is no different. You need to describe why you’re different from every other guild that you’re competing with. This means that if you are, say, a hardcore guild with all hard modes completed (like other hardcore guilds) you should discuss what sets you apart.

Don’t just say that your DPS is awesome and your tanks are well-geared or that your healers could solo heal Onyxia without a tank. Talk about your raiding atmosphere, guild chat, quirky things about your guild, that sort of thing.

What do you offer recruits?

A fair loot system? Free repairs? Brunch on weekends? Beyond your progression level, each guild has something to offer its recruits, even if it’s just a functioning guild bank. Tell people about this stuff; it will help people make a choice between your guild and another like it.

What classes you’re looking for and what positions are available

You should, of course, put a list of what classes you’re recruiting. But be more detailed than that. What positions are available? Core raid spot (like an MT) or a DPS who might get benched now and again? Don’t get into the situation of pissing off a recruit who transferred under the false pretences of having a full-time raid spot. Bad press about your guild is very near a death sentence since a lot of recruiting is done by word of mouth.

P.S. Revelation is recruiting! We want you! Here’s that link again. 🙂




7 responses

14 10 2009

How did you get traffic?

14 10 2009

ie. which article got the traffic, I mean?

14 10 2009

They linked to the post about zeppelins, the one about Rawr and the one about World of Logs fairly recently in their “The Daily Quest” feature.

20 10 2009

I liked the rawr and WoL articles myself too. They have good taste!

20 10 2009

Thanks! 🙂

15 10 2009

Hey Shop!

I just posted you as the first DK blog in the Blogroll series for Death Knights, check it out, upvote your site, and add other of your favorite DK blogs to help out the community.

Be sure to upvote and star the questions/answers you find useful.

Thanks for the great DK info as always, love the site!

15 10 2009

Thanks! I always appreciate some free publicity. 🙂

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