Appropriately Titled Farewell Post

15 11 2009

Seems like not too long ago I was excited to log into WoW to raid or to blog about raiding. I’ve taken a break from WoW, at least until Icecrown comes out, and as a result I have lost the desire to blog about WoW. I’d like to thank everyone who visited the site, especially those who took the time to write comments or link here from your blog/website. I really do appreciate it.

One of the reasons I no longer felt excited about blogging was that I realised that I didn’t have anything to add. Elitist Jerks covers everything you’ll ever need to know about being a successful, raiding Death Knight, so I hope you’ll go there if you ever need information. This site won’t be taken down or anything (mmm free webspace) but I’ll no longer be posting.

Once again, thanks for visiting/commenting/linking here and I hope everyone enjoys the rest of 3.3/life/WoW.

Signing off,





9 responses

15 11 2009

Very sorry to see you go — I wish you a luck and prosperity in your future projects.

15 11 2009

I had noticed you weren’t updating often, but I didn’t think it would come to this. You were the first person to welcome me to the blogging world and I’m very sad to see you stop posting. Hopefully with ICC you’ll find your motivation again!

Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors.

16 11 2009

All the best mate.

16 11 2009

I felt you always added something extra to your comments on changes or strategies, rather that Elitist’s “X is better, go for X!! You’re going to hell if you don’t spec X!” etc etc… 😛
People’s opinions are always something extra to add, which is why I looked forward to reading posts from you every week. 😛

All the best though. Us Death Knights, we’ll miss you 🙂


17 11 2009

Take care and enjoy the time off.

I have to admit that I prefer these sites (i.e. yours and Krenian over at Tankspot) because I find EJ to be unorganized and no one takes the time to summarize current info in an easy to read format.

/crosses fingers for the next organized blogger….

17 11 2009

I agree with Kath. I can pile through millions of pages of EJ or I can read someone who explains things like another player, in easy to understand terms. Have a fun break and hopefully you will come back around Ice Crown and let people know your thoughts.

18 11 2009

Ah well mate, you can hold your head up high.

Honestly, though, your blog meant more to certainly myself than “OH1337DK site.” It was a fun read and an interesting perspective to read. You even acknowledged me in one of your posts, which was like “Wow.” to me. I really appreciated it. I’m an internet troll so to see my name and not have me writing some drivel was really nice, so thank you. You took the time to reply to many, many, many comments and you should be really proud of yourself for doing so.

So basically, two thumbs, be proud, good job and see you soon.

20 11 2009

It’s a shame, I liked your site. One of the few worthwhile DK blogs out there. Good luck, I’ll be visiting your new blog.

20 11 2009
Andrew Gordon

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. You’re all awesome. Even more awesome if you migrate with me to the new, different blog.

On a related note: the first post over at the new blog is even about Warcraft. CROSSOVER!

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