Forging Ahead

6 05 2009

Yes, my first post is a bad pun on the name of this blog. Yes, I find that hilarious.

Welcome! This will be a blog about my thoughts on my activities in World of Warcraft. I play a Death Knight named Shopshopshop in a “casualcore” (word blatantly stolen from Herding Cats) guild on the Medivh Server. I am primarily a DPSer, and I enjoy both smashing bosses and theorycrafting about smashing bosses. I’ve recently started PvPing to try and get a Druid in my guild the 2200-staff, which is apparently the Best-in-Slot tank weapon for Druids. This is actually the second blog I have started, the previous one being about my Druid. I had to stop writing because it was taking up too much of my time during school, even though I enjoyed it immensely. Now that Summer is afoot and I’m now essentially finished my undergrad degree, I have more time to devote to writing a WoW blog.

I want to use this space to talk about Death Knight-specific things such as specs, DPSing (and maybe tanking) advice, as well as my thoughts on guilds, raiding, PvP, hopefully in a helpful and informative way. I may also resort to sitting by the runeforges in Ebon Hold listening to what people say around them, and if they really are like water coolers for the dead among us.

Oh, I’m also frequently sarcastic. I hope you will find this blog to be an interesting read, a place for discussion and an outlet for my creativity. Enjoy!