Onyxia: Redux

13 08 2009

I like Onyxia as much as the next old-school raider, but this feels really lazy. In the wake of a raid instance with one room and some bosses, why is Blizzard resurrecting old raid bosses again? First there was an updated (and severely dumbed down) Naxx, and now a dragon whose head has hung in Stormwind, whose storyline is pretty much done?

Blue poster Zarhym has claimed that the mechanics will be updated to fit with “modern” raiding. The problem with this, whether or not the encounter turns out to be fun and challenging, is that there is no need for another semi-connected one-boss instance in WotLK. We’ve already had Malygos and Sartharion (and Ulduar, which was equally disconnected from Arthas and co.). If they are going to introduce more bosses, I want them to be undead – something that the Lich King throws at us to show he’s still actually around.

So Blizzard: enough recycling content. There’s plenty of interesting material going on that’s actually in Northrend and hasn’t been done to death (literally) already, so tap into that stuff and leave Onyxia where she belongs – in the grave. (I know it’s too late for this wish, but ranting is better than nothing.)




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13 08 2009

they’re waving a 310% mount under our nose and honestly I’d raid it regularly just for that. See, I’m a weak willed gear whore, and 310% is a wonderful temptation.

13 08 2009

I’m not saying I wouldn’t raid Ony, I’m just saying it’s lazy and unimaginative.

14 08 2009

Looking a gift horse in the mouth is pretty stupid. This is in honor of their 5 year anniversary. It will be a good thing especially for folks that had fond memories of doing it in 40 man raids in Vanilla WoW.

14 08 2009

I am excited about it simply because I didn’t raid until TBC, and soloing or 2-3 person groups for Ony are kinda trivial now.

But I think the over-arching reason that they are bringing Ony back is simply to celebrate WoW’s 5th anniversary and nothing more. I think resurrecting a new raid to celebrate an anniversary is better (and easier) than making a new raid encounter for the same purpose. Plus, I would rather see them put little energy into this so that they can focus on Icecrown more so we get it sooner.

I personally see this as a better anniversary celebration than they have done in the past.

14 08 2009

I wonder if Blizzard actually expected Wow to be as successful as it has been.

14 08 2009

A fair number of players have been asking Blizzard to retune old world content for level 80 whether its more or less than want “classic servers” with the cap at 60 I wouldn’t know (and forum noise is no indicator). Blizzard have found a way to accomodate both camps.

Turn off XP at 60 and you can raid old content the ‘way it was meant to be’.
Retune a single boss instance to level 80 to give the other group something they’ve been asking for, without taking the majority of 60 content away from the cappers

I’m reserving judgement on the retuning itself until I get in there and see whether they managed to make it fresh and challenging but I don’t see it as lacking imagination as a solution to two very different demands from the player base.

15 08 2009

I think the goal of revamping ony is to get a glimpse at live server reaction to said recycled content in hopes of identifying potential pitfalls since much more recycled content is in the works.

I like the idea of old world changes and have always hoped to go back to the old world after 2 years of them just being alt farms and respecs. Tho i wonder if blizz is gonna drop the dime and regurgitate too much content.

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